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The 100% Strategic Defeat of The American Empire In Iraq: Guess Where the Next One Will Be

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

By Ted Becker

You’ve got to hand it to George W. Obama. He did what millions of Americans begged Lyndon Johnson to do in Vietnam: declared “SUCCESS” and got out of the quagmire while the getting was good.  LBJ didn’t listen and ended up abandoning the presidency. Obama got the message after a couple of years in office. The U.S. Government morons and swindlers who misled America into this disastrous military adventure lost everything that they planned to take and hold strategically…but took and held all the money they could lay their hands on.

So Obama abandoned the bad ship U.S.S. Iraqi Freedom, a vessel without either a rudder or safe, that Dubya and the Neo-Cons sank… (more…)