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Ted Becker

Author of "The Last, Lost EmpireTed Becker is a lawyer, with his J.D. from Rutgers and a political scientist, with his Ph.D. from Northwestern University. Earlier in his career, he was on the staff of the Attorney General of New Jersey and a consumer research analyst for Benton and Bowles Advertising Agency on Madison Avenue in New York City.

He is currently the Alumni Professor of Political Science at Auburn University, is the former head of that department and former Chairman of the Department of Political Science at the University of Hawaii.

Becker is the author of 12 other books in the fields of law and politics, American government, teledemocracy and now this one, in political economy. He has been on the faculties of the University of Maryland, Northwestern, Hawaii, NYU (Department of Politics and the School of Law),San Diego State, Cal State at Los Angeles, Wayne State University, CCNY, Brooklyn College and Victoria University of Wellington, NZ.

He has also been a paid lecturer at Harvard, Brown, Pembroke, Oberlin, Reed, Bowdoin, San Francisco State University, the Universities of Washington, Oregon, Missouri, California at Santa Cruz, Kentucky, Texas Tech, New Mexico, The University of West Indies (Trinidad), Seoul National University, Technology University of Sydney, Salzburg University, Turku School of Economics, the University of Stockholm, and many others.

Ted Becker is the author of “The last, Lost Empire, How America Flouders in Post Emperial Times and How to Transfor Its Political Economy” a book that is meant to live on and grow in the written words of concerned citizens.