World War III Dispatch #1: The Theory Is a Fact

By Ted Becker

World War III is well under way. Don’t believe it? Well, keep on reading…to the end for proof positive.

Obviously, it’s nothing like World War I — “The War to End All Wars. It’s nothing like World War II,  where “Western democracy” prevailed over the Axis “fascism.” It’s nothing like World War 2.5, known as The Cold War”, where “Global Corporate Capitalism” prevailed over “Soviet Communism.”

But, then, none of them were like the “world” wars before them either. So how does World War III differ from I, II, and 2.5? Let me count the ways…other than this other-worldly image of the World War III “pilot.”

First and foremost, none of the others were a global resistance to a single, overpowering, global military and economic Hyper-Power. In World Wars I, II and 2.5, there were at least two, but mostly several empires on each side vying for regional or world superiority. Not today. There’s only one: the United States of America….the sole, unscathed victor of World War II and the main beneficiary of the collapse of the Soviet Communist competitive model in the Cold War. The opposition is diverse and world-wide, but it has a single ideological theme: Anti American Imperialism.

Secondly, World War III does not and will not have huge armies and navies facing off in huge battlefields and in massive naval and aerial engagements. There will not be tens of millions lives lost in pitched battles and massive bombings (conventional or nuclear)…and there will not be major proxy wars like Korea and Vietnam as in World War 2.5.

President George W. H. Bush, several times, called it: THE NEW WORLD ORDER…and it was echoed by former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Gary Hart at a Council of Foreign Relations meeting the day after 9/11.

World War III, from the American perspective, is couched in glowing political and economic terms, but its real meaning, in terms of how it is being practiced is clear enough: it is all about American military and economic “full spectrum dominance” in the 21st century.

The third major difference is not just a few speeches and glib phrases to disguise imperial urges. World War III has a well developed strategic theory that is already into a decade of tactical practice to maintain a complete military, economic and cultural dominance of the planet presently and for the foreseeable future. This closest to it in history was The Roman Empire, but that was far from global and the theory nowhere near as sophisticated.

Fourth, the advanced theory (the dream of madmen) of U.S.A. global hegemony is not just an intricate juxtaposition of words and ideas. It is an unfolding fact of geopolitical life, in plain view, yet it is only seen by those who oppose it. (We borrowed the image above from Sisyphus, a website also detailing the American hegemony theory.)

Very few Americans are even aware of the existence of the theory that is at the heart of so much that has occurred at home and abroad for the last ten years or so. Yet it galvanizes enemies against America in every corner of the Earth. That is why every American citizen who cares about the United States MUST read it and be familiar with it to understand what is actually going on in the world today. You are not going to hear it discussed on American TV and you are not going to read it in any American newspaper.

Those Germans of the 1930s who did not read Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler were as clueless about World War II (and the reasons for their own future destruction) as uninformed Americans are today about World War III and the horrors it augurs for the U.S. in its own near future.

OK, you say: so what and where is this theory that is in plain sight? If you want to really find out, it’s easy. You must simply acquaint yourself with it…online…and listen regularly to its proponents in the American mass media explain the merits and “successes” of its tactics—even though they misrepresent their actual intent and concoct complete distortions of reality.

So, for the comprehensive theory, you must read, or read about: The Project for the New American Century, or PNAC. You can find the entire document called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” in PDF format at this URL:

Below is PNAC’s logo. It looks and sounds innocent enough, but it is the blueprint (it’s logo eerily seems like one) for American military and economic conquest of the entire world forever in the names of American “democracy,” “capitalism,” “liberty,” and “homeland security.”

Its major hawkers are to be found on a regular basis on PNAC’s major TV outlet, Fox News and its major magazine, The Weekly Standard…both clever propaganda tools and organs owned by Rupert Murdoch and his minions and allies..

All of this is discussed in great detail in Chapter 4 of The Last, Lost Empire. We discuss a number of them who call themselves “Neo-Conservatives” (or as they are also known: Neo-Cons). They include Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, William Kristol, Richard Perle, Robert Kagan, and on and on.

Here is a very brief summary of their basic beliefs:

1. America—as the crusader for the best way of life–needs to run the world forever. (It’s kind of like an expansion of “Manifest Destiny” or God’s plan for an American World) What’s in America’s best interests, is in the world’s best interests. The reasons given are to expand “democracy”, when they are actually economic and strategic dominance.

2. The U.S.A.’s two major foes are what are known in geopolitical theory as being “The Heartland” of “The World Island.” They are: Russia and China. (World War 2.5 continued). They are considered to be “autocracies,” and they vie for power to expand their way of life.

3. America must expand its “containment” of these two powers in any and all ways that are possible. This end is justified by ALL MEANS….which include

(a) overt military action; (Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan);

(b) covert military action (Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen,);

(c) covert political and economic action (Colombia, Iran, the Baltic States, Georgia);

(d) expanding and building new military bases around the world and a never ending building of new weapons systems and equipment;

(e) developing and maintaining the infrastructures of mineral extraction and distribution (oil, pipelines, lithium) in “occupied” or “friendly” countries;

(f) undermining governments who do not go along with America’s wishes in every way possible, i.e., coups, civil wars, sabotage, propaganda, etc;

(g) crushing all resisters by giving them negative labels like: “radical Islamics,” “terrorists,” “insurgents,” “militants,” and on—either by killing them, fomenting latent civil unrest and/or ethnic hatreds or constraining anyone suspected of being “Anti-American” in a large global prison system that uses physical and mental torture to keep them under control.

4. Much of this work must be “privatized” by turning over the jobs to a large and ever growing corporate network of paramilitary corporations (KBR, Xe, DynCorp, etc.).

5. All of this has no time-line. There will be much foreign and domestic resistance to this American brand of imperialism and as much money as it takes to continue the foreign adventures and restrain domestic dissent will be spent. The American taxpayer will be convinced to finance this endless expansionism and military capers—and to join the “all volunteer military”– but must never be told the real reasons behind World War III.

There are many fine points as to how World War III is currently being waged. But these are among the essentials. We will discuss these and more nuanced battles in our continuing coverage of World War III.

How the Neo-Cons convinced most Americans to support this overt aggression over the past few decades is set out by an extremely well produced and thoughtful TV series done by BBC…and it is called “The Power of Nightmares.” It is a 3 hour series that is extremely educational. I’m putting Part 1 and Part 17 here for you to observe…about 20 minutes worth. It will introduce the reader to the unsettling truth of the mess America and the world is in and who got us here and how.

The history, the names, the false rationales, the nightmares they cause, are all there. Watch these two segments as an introduction. It is highly educational and mostly spot on. And the entire documentary is an excellent TV history lesson for the following Dispatches.

Thus, the Neo-Con theory is a fact of life. It was planned for some time. It has been and continues to be practiced in the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. That, too, is a fact of life.

Since so much of this War is being waged in Cyber-Space and by computers, as I cover the battles, I will be something akin to a “Cyber-War Correspondent.” So, here’s a headline for you:

“Drone Pilot Kills Afghan Militant from Las Vegas.” It’s WWWIII!

Here’s the proof:

How’s that for “Full Spectrum Dominance?”

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