The Crumbling American Empire–June 5, 2010 Edition: Three Photos from Reveal The Sad Truth

By Ted Becker

One of my go-to news sources is the international news service named Reuters—named after its founder. It has been around for over 150 years, is UK based, and recently was merged with Thompson and is now formally called Thompson Reuters. It is a very good general and financial fountain of information and opinion…as good or better than any in the USA. I visit it every day and recommend that as a good starting point—surely before you turn on any American TV news channel. It’s at www.reuters.comToday, as I made my daily pilgrimage, I was struck by three photos on its home page. They were all shot in the U.S…and they told a story by themselves that really saddened me. Together, they add up to a lot of the story that we tell in our book, The Last, Lost Empire—which is a fairly accurate account of the political, economic, and environmental implosion Americans are experiencing today.

Obama, BP Gulf Oil SpillHere’s the first. It shows the wide and deep disillusionment with Obama–and the resentment and hatred towards the worst British assault on the United States since The War of 1812, which, by the way, had its greatest battle in New Orleans.

Notice the question marks all over the suddenly ironic, and no longer iconic, graphic of Obama’s “Hope” slogan of his 2008 presidential campaign. Notice also how the artists of the anti-BP poster do not use BP’s phony new flower logo that tries to “brand” America’s brain that it is an eco-friendly oil company, the ultimate public relations twisted ploy.

The second photo shows a “For Sale” sign on what was once billed as homes equal to a “palace.” This tragedy being played out throughout America in the Summer of 2010 is not a forgotten one, particularly for the millions of Americans who are or who are soon to go through foreclosures and for the millions of others whose home values are still plummeting because of a huge inventory of foreclosed homes for sale all around them.

The article in Reuters, which by the way specializes in global financial and business news and which is relatively “objective”, is under a headline that reads “The Slow Death of the Regulatory State” by John Kemp.

What this is about is quite simple. As we point out throughout our book—of which this website is one interactive part—is that this “death” became the mantra of “The Reagan Revolution” which we have renamed “The Reagan Devolution.” Because of the Reagan mantra that “government is the problem, not the solution,” all these three photos are excellent examples of a runaway free market without scrupulous and independent (of corporate corruption, co-optation and sabotage) government supervision.

The third photo, which reminds us all too much of the infamous “Iron Curtain” put up by the Soviet Union to capture its own people, is another example of how the Imperial American “New World Order” is turning into “Fortress America”—the United States (and Israel) vs. the rest of the world.

Yes, it is true that there are around 11 million “illegal” immigrants in the United States right now from Mexico, Central America, and Latin America…who have entered this country improperly to obtain work which Americans will not do for such low pay and under such demeaning conditions!

One way to stop such “illegals” from getting jobs would be for the U.S. government to enforce the minimum wage law and imprison those American employers who flaunt this important American labor law!! The worst “illegals” are the American employers flaunting THIS law. Such truly gainful and relatively safe employment would entice millions of unemployed Americans into the workforce and jump-start the stagnant economy. It would also require a lot of new federal workers to be hired to regulate the economy properly and put the real “illegals” where they belong.

It is debatable whether this change in law enforcement would force American employers small or large to fire people or go out of business. Let’s try it and see.  There are studies that show that raising the minimum wage does not have more negative effects than positive ones. In any event, it’s a lot better than this photo below. Read “Slow Death of a Regulatory State” by John Kemp.

Is it acceptable for the United States of America to emulate the Soviet Union and Israel’s folly of building walls to make themselves “feel secure.” Did it work for the Communists? Does Israel actually feel more secure today than earlier in its history? Is the United States actually more secure today with its own Fence of Shame along its southern borders? Is it keeping out drug dealers? Is it even slowing the drug traffic? Is it stopping the drug border war? How many “illegals” who are already in the U.S. are now unable to go back because they can’t find work in the declining U.S. economy?

What is needed is to prosecute BP for criminal negligence. What is needed is to prosecute the corporate honchos who were responsible for all the securities fraud, just as Enron’s and WorldCom’s executives were just a few years back. What is needed is a prosecution of all those corporate chiefs who are hiring illegals to pick crops and work in various food processing facilities and other kinds of sweatshops that Americans would do if they were paid appropriately and protected by American occupational safety rules.

The problem that all three of these photos vividly depict is: “Corporate Capitalism” is an oxymoron. When “too large to fail” corporations commit crimes against America and humanity and the environment, and/or go broke because of their greed, they should fail and go out of business. They must not be bailed out by the government they control. They must not be immune from the criminal penalties they deserve because they control the government which should impose them.

Democratic Capitalism and a government that truly represents the American people is the answer to all of these malfunctions in the American and Global political economy. Go to the home page of this website and click on Videos. Take a look at a few samples from our book that show you how badly corporate capitalism works and how well democratic capitalism does.

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  14. Most important: 11 men lost their lives when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded on April 20. This is a tribute by Steve Joynt to the 11 men who died on the Deepwater Horizon, “Oil spill Day 100: The 11 men who died on the Deepwater Horizon” We can never lose sight of the human cost of BP’s and others’ malfeasance.

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