BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill–Summer 2012 Update:

The Last, Lost Empire: 3rd Edition 2012
by Ted Becker

Don’t Let Your Eyes and BP and Government Propaganda Fool You

The Gulf of Mexico is “Open for Business.”  Why it’s a miracle. It’s like there never was anything that BP ever did to harm it. The water is sooooo clear and blue and the jellyfish, sharks, snappers and tasty little shrimps are as healthy and happy as can be. Here’s one of their “C’mon Down and Enjoy” ads.  It’s short, but very good public relations.

Unfortunately, that’s a heap of false advertising. Maybe we can get a class action injunction against them to keep them from luring unsuspecting people back down to the Gulf Coast—which now has so many hidden dangers that are just as lethal as they were two years ago. Yes, they are hidden in plain sight. Your eyes and taste buds can’t detect them. But they are really there.

Warning: The Gulf Coast Is Dangerous To Your Long Term Health. That’s the major reason I sold my Pensacola Beach condo at a loss. I’ll never put my head into that apparently beautiful sea again. You are taking a serious risk to your health by eating any sea life emanating from that area. I’m VERY sympathetic to all those Americans whose livelihoods have been ruined or damaged by BP and they should continue to sue them and seek damages forever from BP, Transoceanic, Haliburton et al.

But going there and eating anything that still lives in the Gulf: It’s perilous. Be warned.

The first article below has several citations and websites that support our caveat…followed by an April 4th article on CBS News concerning some very recent research.

2 Years After the BP Oil Spill, Is the Gulf Ecosystem Collapsing?

Sick, deformed fish spotted after BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Don’t shoot us, the messengers. Arrest and prosecute the obvious corporate suspects. The Brazilians are doing just that—against Chevron—for a far less egregious oil spill off their coast.  PLUS: the Brazilian prosecutor pulled the passports of the foreign oil guys so they could not leave the country. That’s exactly what the U.S. government should have done.

Chevron executives barred from leaving Brazil over spill

Good  going, Brazil!

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