The Increasing Scope and Ferocity of World War III Will Be Ignored During the U.S. Presidential Campaign of 2012—If the Mass Media Has Its Way

The Last, Lost Empire: 3rd Edition 2012
by Ted Becker

I’ll bet you didn’t know that President Obama has dispatched troops to Uganda in October and that their number will grow into a compact force to be deployed there, and in The Congo, South Sudan and “The Central African Republic”—wherever THAT is.  Right?  Well, here’s the isolated story from ABC News.

“Obama Sends 100 US Troops to Uganda to Help Combat Lord’s Resistance Army”

Why are they there?  Can you spell C-H-I-N-A?   Sad, but true.

Did you ever wonder why Hillary Clinton went to Myanmar (Burma) immediately after Obama announced that the U.S. was establishing a permanent military base in Darwin, Australia that would be home to 2,500 U.S. Marines?  Can you spell C-H-I-N-A?  (Thanks to the New York Times for the map on the right.)  Sadder, but truer.

And why did President Obama take out a 10 year lease on—and promise to highly upgrade—7 airbases in Colombia—including the largest in Latin America?  According to an analysis by COHA ( ), the relevant U.S. Air Force agreement speaks about this being an opportunity for “full spectrum dominance” in South America.  According to this analysis, other “anti-American” countries may also be in the future cross-hairs of drones and planes from these bases, like Ecuador, Bolivia, and even Brazil—all heavily involved in trade and construction with: C-H-I-N-A.  For a great updated map of all the U.S. military projects done or under way in that region, Click here. World War III—unlike WWI and WWII—is like the Internet: truly worldwide.  Another indicator?

How come the U.S.A. is probably the first country in the history of humankind to be bombing (mostly with drones) at least 6 different countries in the world IN THE SAME YEAR (except maybe during World War II)?  Here is an updated article from Alternet that pinpoints at least 60 such bases that guides them on various kinds of missions around the world daily—Hellfire attack or surveillance—including over the USA. America’s Secret Empire of Drone Bases: Its Full Extent Revealed for the First Time

Granted, the map below is an “old” map of the American military base “empire” (2003). But now take your crayons and color some red into Libya and Central Africa…and see what a nice addition Burma would make to the continuing “encirclement” or “containment” of Russia and China—the ultimate goal of American military and political strategy for scores of years.

This map also makes it crystal clear why Iran is THE key piece in this insane and inane chess match…with Syria being crucial as well (particularly since it provides the only Russian naval base in the Mediterranean).  It should also now become quite clear why Vietnam was so avidly coveted by the USA—such a tiny nation, but such a vital link in the steel chain around the necks of the two eternal “Heartland” foes of America’s Warrior Elite: China and Russia.

So all these recent “moves” above are part of this mega-struggle that The American Empire is currently waging, that is: the early rounds of World War III with the outcome far from clear. The next rounds will also include some new punches thrown in “the cyber world” and via “space warfare”—all reported once and then shelved… without ever letting the American people in on the numbskull game for which they are paying so dearly in “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Do the Republican political leaders know about it? Of course. They are married to this absurd “strategic theory” and practices along with their Democrat partners in slime.

So, is this a “secret” plot? Is it a “conspiracy theory”? Nope. It’s right out there in plain sight for all America’s enemies to see, read about, and respond to openly AND secretly. Did you notice that the Iranians just got hold of the latest American spy drone—in perfect shape? Is it an American Trojan Horse or are they (and their Chinese and Russian allies) just that good with computers? Here’s a link to a BBC video of the Iranians showing it off as a trophy (and a prize to its Russian and Chinese allies): Iran shows film of captured US drone. This has been handled by ALL the Western media as just an incident, when in context, it’s either a big win for Iran and their anti-American alliance, or a big Stuxnet-like surprise for them down the line.

The Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Venezuelan, Pakistani, etc. publics know they are in a World War against America, it’s just the American public that is totally clueless, thanks to the brilliant job of its political class, military propagandists, and the brain-dead U.S. mass media.  It’s as though a gigantic crossword puzzle is laid out in front of everyone’s eyes at a Christmas party, but the “pundits” and “pols” (America’s “parents”) adroitly pick out a piece here and piece there and give it as gifts (news items to the public, their “children”)….never motioning toward the whole puzzle (“The Big Picture”) that now has lost its coherence

Well, we have laid out the historical context of how this self-destructive “Grand Game” has developed in our world in great detail in our book The Last, Lost Empire in Chapters 1-5…and this blog is merely our 2012 update so the viewer can take note of how all this is shielded from public eyes in the TV ads and “debates” during the presidential and Congressional elections.  However, there is an excellent “think tank” up in Canada that seems to have the same take on the ever-escalating World War III as we do.  It’s called The Centre for Research on Globalization and can be accessed here.

Yes, they’re “progressive,” but they seem to be very knowledgeable about what is really going on.  Here is a recent YouTube by their director that will introduce you to their take on what is relevant and important information and how to piece them together along the lines of this blog.

But if you’d rather read an in-depth historical and philosophical development of this ghastly phenomenon in which we are mostly all bystanders and victims, then here is their most recent publication: “The Globalization of War” (December 2011.) I find little to quibble over or with which to disagree.

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  1. Ted Becker says:

    Sad but true. I urge anyone reading this blog to visit to Mr. Rifaat’s’s excellent.

  2. Those who have read “The Last Lost Empire” -as I did- would have seen this coming. The challenge now is to avert disaster. I guess the next elections may present our last chance to contain the US’s empitial drive. I just published a book that provides ideas in this respect. You can learn about it from my web site.