U.S. Department of Education SWAT Team (?) Invades California Home: Case Involved Unpaid Student Loans

By Ted Becker

, The Police State: Chapter 1

For all of you out there who don’t believe The American Empire abroad has turned into a police state at home, there are now so many stories out there that, by connecting the dots, you come to the discomforting realization that—yes, indeed—America has turned into a “Police State.” This June 2011 news story proves that no one, get that, NO ONE is immune from its brutal tactics.  The U.S. Police State has no bounds!

As you probably know, you are most likely to experience being stripped of ALL your Fourth Amendment rights every time you fly anywhere as an ordinary American citizen.  However, if you are privileged to fly in corporate jets, you have oligarchic immunity and impunity: ultimate luxury accommodations with absolutely no pre-boarding searches.  Corporate flight is truly above the law. The average American citizen is more and more subject to blatantly unconstitutional police state behavior.

This will be the first blog chapter in what promises to be a very long series of shocking episodes.

Here’s the story, Questions surround feds’ raid of Stockton home, as written by News 10 KXTV, an ABC affiliate in Stockton, California of what happened on June 8, 2011. Below is a video of that newscast

Fox News ran the following story which has the DOE spokesperson saying that it really wasn’t about an unpaid student loan, it was about “criminal fraud.”  Here’s the Fox version: “Unpaid Student Loan’ Raid Claim Refuted as Feds Target California Couple in Fraud Probe”

Whatever the “reason” behind this outrage, certain facts are indisputable:

  1. The U.S.  Department of Education has an “Inspector General” unit that includes a  SWAT Team.
  2. The DOE can obtain search warrants and use its SWAT teams—in collaboration with local officials to invade homes of citizens where the charges involve student loans (not illegal firearms, drugs, etc., where a SWAT team approach makes some sense.)
  3. Local police, in assisting DOE “storm trooper” tactics, treat American citizens, even children, like U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan treat local citizens there.

Here’s the next day’s KXTV story on it in video form.  It’s short, but not sweet.

As you can see, it does nothing to refute what we said above.

Even if it was “not about student loans” (which it was) and is called “criminal fraud involving student loans”…it is still about student loans.  A DOE SWAT Team?!!

Please, God, take us back to the good old days of police work as cops used to be as shown in the famous early TV series “Dragnet.”

Here’s another short but extremely cleverly edited video on YouTube of an imaginary talk given by the legendary TV cop “Joe Friday” (on “Dragnet”) to President Barack Obama on not spending enough time in trying to preserve and conserve traditional American values like freedom and individual liberty.  The DOE is a federal agency and this happened on Obama’s watch.  Our  “America: The Police State” blog series will be 100% “Conservative” of those values enshrined in the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Too bad President Obama will never get to hear these words from Sgt. Joe Friday.  But we will continue to present the stark truths of today’s American police reality in this series:

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3 Responses to “U.S. Department of Education SWAT Team (?) Invades California Home: Case Involved Unpaid Student Loans”

  1. Hi! I thought your post was cool and will visit often.

  2. Ted Becker says:

    Hi John: Don’t know. Even the existence of it is, as you say “absurd.” Next, we can expect an “Assisted Living SWAT Team” raiding nursing homes for Medicare fraud. BTW, there were over 40,000 SWAT Team raids in the USA last year. I read that somewhere. Imagine that! (Yes, mostly for “controlled substances).

  3. John Yates says:

    First of all the idea that the DOE needs a swat team or any kind of police unit that uses force to enforce is laws is absurd. Talk about a waste of tax money. From the videos I couldnt pick up on whether this was a nationwide problem or just an individual occurance.