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What Obama Will Not Accomplish in His Second Term

November 12th, 2012 by Ted Becker

By Ted Becker

I had just finished the first edition of The Last, Lost Empire in November of 2008, when Barack Obama was elected to his first term as President of the United States.  So, I had to integrate this event into the history of American Empire and evaluate his ascendance to power within the confines of “The Imperial Presidency” and the toxic, oligarchic culture of Washington, D.C. Thus, I produced a list of what he could NOT accomplish, no matter what.

So, now Barack Obama has been re-elected to the presidency and will serve in that office until January 2017.  I’ve reviewed what I wrote about the historical and political limitations in December 2008…and I am confident that these very same restrictions will apply until 2017—barring some unprecedented man-made or natural calamity or unpredictable series of them.

Here they are.  See for yourself.  No amount of political “hype” from the American mainstream media and punditry will alter them:

  • “He cannot easily alter America’s deeper political, economic, genetic code of expansionism and missionary overzealousness.”


  • “He cannot dislodge the American Corporate Oligarch from its unassailable constitutional perch.”


  • “He cannot neuter the military-industrial complex.”


  • “He cannot stop global warming and climate change and their inexorable calamities.”


  • “He cannot ‘bail out,’ borrow and spend his way out of a failed “American Corporate Oligarchy” model at home (via some weird hybrid of Reaganomics, The New World Order and The New Deal”).


  • “He cannot disrupt the gathering momentum of a global political and economic meltdown and for an emergent replacement that will greatly diminish the former American financial and economic supremacy of Bretton Woods and the Old “New World Order.” (pp. 394-395)

Not a bad set of predictions from December 2008, huh?

As for 2013-17, we can expect the exact same general results as Obama tries to maintain an unsustainable status quo.  Here are a few probable developments beyond Obama’s power to avoid, that, when they occur, will actually lead to an acceleration of general global chaos:

  1. An escalation of the as yet unrecognized ultra-hi-tech World War III plus The Pentagon’s explicit plan to “pivot” our military might to Asia, otherwise known as China.
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  2. A further deterioration of the Eurozone’s stability and strength and the flight of capital and  wealth from West to East.
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  3. An illusory fairness applied to the American tax code while imposing even harsher central banking style “austerity” on the American people.
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  4. Taking a few too-little-too-late stabs at upgrading the American capitalist infrastructure:
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  5. The rise of the BRICS, and its new global currency that has the capacity to disrupt the U.S. economic  hegemony.
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  6. Ever increasing small intensity (but endless) wars in Africa, South or Central Asia, or Latin America (Mali, Burma and  Honduras) that will continue to have negative unintended consequences for the U.S.
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  7. Unimaginably horrific new hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes  floods, droughts, fires, famines, tsunamis in greater intensity, length and breadth than in recorded human  history in every part of the world.
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So, if you’re counting on Obama’s second term to turn things around, you’re likely to be quite disappointed, yet again. It’s not time to head for the hills. It’s time to get real.

Occupy the Constitution, Part VI: The Democracy Amendments

July 11th, 2012 by Ted Becker

The Last, Lost Empire: 3rd Edition 2012
by Ted Becker

What follows is a fair presentation of a wide variety of well proved practices—both in the United States and throughout the world—that are ways to engage and empower the citizenry to make critical decisions about the direction they want the nation to go and about  pressing policy matters, including budget priorities.

Many have lots of Google pages. I am not trying to write the definitive package. However, any several of these would have the desired effect of making America’s national government responsive to its citizens wishes. In addition, and this opinion is based on decades of personal and professional experience in testing and practicing several of them, THE CITIZENS ALWAYS AMAZE!! Read the rest of this entry »

Occupy the Constitution, Part V

July 10th, 2012 by Ted Becker

The Last, Lost Empire: 3rd Edition 2012
by Ted Becker

So What Role Does the Internet and Social Media Play in the Democratic Amendment Process?

The early days of the Egyptian Revolution, in Tahrir Square

The photo at the top of this blog shows the early days of the Egyptian Revolution, i.e., “The Arab Spring” in Tahrir Square. Notice the laptop as one of the weapons of choice of the revolutionaries. Another was the cell phone plus its camera. One of those Egyptians who the Western mass media dubbed as a “leader” was an Egyptian Google executive living in Cairo. No surprise there.

A professor of Communications at the University of Washington did a quantitative analysis of the role of social media before and during this massively popular uprising and here is part of what he found: “During the week before Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s resignation, for example, the total rate of tweets from Egypt — and around the world — about political change in that country ballooned from 2,300 a day to 230,000 a day. Videos featuring protest and political commentary went viral – the top 23 videos received nearly 5.5 million views. The amount of content produced online by opposition groups, in Facebook and political blogs, increased dramatically.” Read more about this here: New study quantifies use of social media in Arab Spring

So does this translate into pro-democracy movements in the West, such as the “Occupy Movement” in the USA and elsewhere? Obviously. Here’s an article from the May 1, 2012 edition of (ironically) Bloomberg News on the use of social media by #Occupy Wall Street in its planning and organization of various protest activities throughout the United States and all the way to Sydney, Australia. Occupy Wall Street Plans Global Protests in Resurgence

Read the rest of this entry »

Occupy the U.S. Constitution, Part IV

July 7th, 2012 by Ted Becker

The Last, Lost Empire: 3rd Edition 2012
by Ted Becker

The Fourth Democracy Amendment Movement Is ON

A recent article by Steve Chapman of The Chicago Tribune, for many years a a leading conservative newspaper, details all the proposed constitutional amendments in the past few decades (balanced budget; anti-abortion; term limits for Congress; repeal of the income tax and direct election of Senators; put prayer back in schools, etc.). It is factually correct. You can read it for yourselves here…Amend the Constitution? Presidential candidates don’t mean it

Read the rest of this entry »

“Occupy The Constitution” Part III

July 4th, 2012 by Ted Becker

The Last, Lost Empire: 3rd Edition 2012
by Ted Becker

The Populist and Progressive Amendments

Women’s Right to Vote

Women voting? Ridiculous!!! They don’t have enough brains or serious intellectual education to be able to understand the complicated business of politics.

Women should be kept barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen and not take men’s jobs. That was the commonly accepted view of most male voters in the United States for most of its history.

The struggle for women’s rights (including the right to vote) began formally at the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848. Although the Wyoming legislature gave the women of that “territory” the right to vote in 1869, the issue of women voting in national elections finally became an actual political party platform in 1892 when the Populist Party included it. “The Women’s Suffrage Movement,” in which many women were imprisoned during public demonstrations and marches took a long and hard road before it finally succeeded.

Here is a short YouTube video from a 2005 HBO movie called “Iron Jawed Angels” that gives a dramatic view of how women braved male scorn and violence in the early 1900s to march for a Constitutional Amendment to give them the legal right to vote. Read the rest of this entry »

“Occupy the Constitution” Part II

July 2nd, 2012 by Ted Becker

The Last, Lost Empire: 3rd Edition 2012
by Ted Becker

The First Two American Democracy Amendment Movements

The ONLY way to transform the current overwhelming dissatisfaction with American politics and American political economic institutions into a much more democratic system of governance at the national level is to pass a SERIES of Constitutional Amendments to accomplish that goal.

A series of amendments?  Is that even possible?

Ahem.  Please. It’s been done several times in American history. When did this happen?  How about right at the birth of this nation? Read the rest of this entry »

“Occupy the Constitution” Part I

June 28th, 2012 by Ted Becker

The Last, Lost Empire: 3rd Edition 2012
by Ted Becker

Protests, Demonstrations and Occupations Do NOT Change the American Political System

Alright already!! I think I’ve heard just about every “Occupy” idea there is:  Occupy Wall Street,” “Occupy the Banks,” “Occupy Congress,” “Occupy Foreclosed Homes,” “Occupy College Campuses,” “Occupy Factories,” “Occupy Your Conscience,”—yes—even  “Occupy Mordor.” From Barcelona to Bahrain to Berkeley: Occupy was the key word…for a while.

But no, “The American Occupy Movement” is not dead.  If you want to read an excellent analysis of that, here’s Chris Hedge’s article: “Occupy  Will Be Back” in the Daily Kos of June 18, 2012. Read the rest of this entry »

BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill–Summer 2012 Update:

April 20th, 2012 by Ted Becker

The Last, Lost Empire: 3rd Edition 2012
by Ted Becker

Don’t Let Your Eyes and BP and Government Propaganda Fool You

The Gulf of Mexico is “Open for Business.”  Why it’s a miracle. It’s like there never was anything that BP ever did to harm it. The water is sooooo clear and blue and the jellyfish, sharks, snappers and tasty little shrimps are as healthy and happy as can be. Here’s one of their “C’mon Down and Enjoy” ads.  It’s short, but very good public relations.

Read the rest of this entry »

“The Fall of Reaganomics” and the Amazing Election of 2012 – How #OWS Will Transform the Presidential Debate and Congressional Elections

January 2nd, 2012 by Ted Becker

The Last, Lost Empire: 3rd Edition 2012
by Ted Becker

Think the 2012 elections in the USA will be all about Obama and Republicans?  Think again. You’re in for some BIG surprises.

American presidential elections have harbored within them virulent viruses that have caused severe mutations within the presidential election process from its infancy and throughout its life cycle.   Read the rest of this entry »

The Increasing Scope and Ferocity of World War III Will Be Ignored During the U.S. Presidential Campaign of 2012—If the Mass Media Has Its Way

December 27th, 2011 by Ted Becker

The Last, Lost Empire: 3rd Edition 2012
by Ted Becker

I’ll bet you didn’t know that President Obama has dispatched troops to Uganda in October and that their number will grow into a compact force to be deployed there, and in The Congo, South Sudan and “The Central African Republic”—wherever THAT is.  Right?  Well, here’s the isolated story from ABC News.

“Obama Sends 100 US Troops to Uganda to Help Combat Lord’s Resistance Army”

Why are they there?  Can you spell C-H-I-N-A?   Sad, but true. Read the rest of this entry »